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Cost and Coverage of Deep TMS Therapy

Is Deep TMS treatment covered by health insurance or Medicare?

Cost of Deep TMS Therapy and how to pay for itDeep TMS treatment is covered by Medicare and many insurance companies.  In some cases, prior authorization may be needed from an insurance company.

The best way to determine your insurance coverage for Deep TMS treatment is to call our office at 512-610-1111. Our clinic staff will verify your benefits and share with you what your individual policy may cover.

What if my insurance plan denies coverage of Deep TMS treatments?

If your insurance denies coverage of TMS treatments, the Texas TMS Center will work with you to provide the information you may need to share with your insurance company, showing the medical necessity of TMS treatment in your case.  You may use this documentation to appeal your insurance company’s denial of coverage.

If out of pocket payment is necessary for you to receive treatment now, Texas TMS Center will be happy to work with you to determine what financing options best meet your needs.  Some of the options our patients have used in the past include:

  • Healthcare Savings Accounts
  • Medical financing loans
  • Assistance from family members or friends