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Success Stories


Texas TMS Center patients share their experience with Deep TMS Therapy:

Before and After Deep TMS Treatment – SPECT scans

Carolyn, a 69-year-old patient who recently completed a series of Deep TMS therapy, shared with us SPECT scan results taken by her treating psychiatrist, from before and after treatment. SPECT stands for Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography and is a nuclear medicine procedure used to study the functioning of the brain and other parts of the body. SPECT scans measure blood flow in the brain, which is directly related to patterns of activity in the brain.

Before Deep TMS


The areas circled above represent low blood flow and therefore low metabolic activity that were present before Deep TMS therapy and are associated with her symptoms of depression.

After Deep TMS


After Deep TMS treatment, these areas of the brain are showing more blood flow and metabolic activity and correlate very well with the remission of her depressive symptoms.


Comments From Some of Our Patients After Completing Deep TMS Treatment:

People can see it in my face, my voice and my movement, that I am happy.  I sing my heart out.  I dance.  I go for walks with my dog.  I smile, laugh and I’m animated. I take care of myself and I care about my appearance. I love being with friends. Most importantly, I see a future for myself.  — Leslie, age 64

TMS has given me back my life as I knew it 25 years ago. After the 4th TMS treatment, I began to feel much better. I’m free of the drugs that could only help in a limited way and provided many unpleasant side effects. My natural energy has returned, my optimistic attitude and happy demeanor are again in place to enhance all parts of my life. I would highly recommend TMS Therapy to all patients who fall within the guidelines. — Jack, age 63

TMS has definitely made a difference for me in my life. — Julia, age 38

Every aspect of my life has more of a normalcy to it—sleeping, eating and social interaction. — Lynn, age 28

This is the best I have felt in years. Happy, hopeful and coping better. –Ralph, age 68

I am enjoying work; I’m experiencing my own creativity again. — Sonia, age 42

I am no longer depressed; I want to be with my kids again. I have the energy to clean my house, to do things like I use to. – Dayna, age 40

I’m sleeping 7 to 7 ½ hours without any medication for sleep. — Frank, 75

No more anxiety! — Alex, age 48

I haven’t felt this way in 5 years. I’m not crying anymore, I’m laughing again. — Martha, age 68


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